Cold Store Floor Coating
15th, January 2018

Project Profile #13

Service: Polyaspartic High Build Coating

Specification: 790m2 Cold Store Floor Coating

Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Installation Overview:

We were asked to coat a cold store floor for our client in Cambridgeshire and given a weekend in which to complete the project. The small time-frame and low temperature of the room meant that we couldn't use normal high build coating, so recommended Polyaspartic high build coating instead, due to its rapid drying times.

Special Considerations:

The considerations for this project were that the room was at a constant temperature of between 5 and 6 degrees and needed to be completed over a weekend. We were therefore unable to use normal high build coating because of the over-coating time, so used Polyaspartic high build coating from KDR Resins which dried within the hour, allowing our client to resume work as usual on the Monday.

Why L&S Finishes?

Despite the conditions and short time-frame, we were able to deliver an effective and attractive floor coating which allowed the client to get back to work as quickly as possible. As a company, we exceed expectations and always meet you company's requirements!