Hygienic Polyurethane Screed Restaurant Flooring
15th, September 2017

Polyurethane Screed Flooring Installation for Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant 


Project Profile #16

Client: Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant

Service: Seamless Hygienic floor

Specification: 66m2 Polyurethane Screed and 51 Linear meters of Cove

Location: Studland, Dorset


Installation Overview:

Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant in Studland is a very popular and busy restaurant, especially during the summertime with tourists. We had a small timeframe for this project which consisted of removing the existing vinyl, lay polyurethane screed and run covers around the perimeter of the floor.

Special Considerations:

The restaurant was shut down for business when we completed the flooring, the only special consideration was the time we had to complete the works – with the restaurant having a deadline date for its seasonal re-opening.

Why L&S Finishes?

One of the main reasons our company L&S Finishes was successful with this contract was our affordable charging policy, we only charge for bags of material used – and vinyl laid, the repairs could be limited to isolated areas of need.